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Quick notes

More features coming soon....

Pilotz is an intermediate level between safez and cut z. If Pilot is checked, the code will traverse (at high speed) from safe z to pilot z, then proceed at the plunge feed rate to cut z. This can save time if safe z is high and plunge rate is low. It can also be used in conjunction with torch mode to effect pre-cut maneuvers.

Metavector centers all geometry at the origin for processing, then translations are calculated in the following order: Scale, then mirror, then rotate, then offset, then origin. And then tangential entry cuts are added if selected.

Up and Right is always positive. Down and left is always negative. Mirror and/or origin can be used to effectively reverse the axii as required for machines with a different orientation.

The Add Tangential Pierce Entry Cuts option only works on closed curves with a clear convex inner curvature feature. Smooth rounded curves with no inward bumps require different calculations which I will add soon.

Add Tangential Pierce Entry Cuts requires the DXF to have inside holes drawn clockwise, and outside holes counter-clockwise, or the entry point will be on the wrong side of the line.

Add Tangential Pierce Entry Cuts requires a lot of processing and limits the acceptable level of complexity that can be processed online within the server's maximum exucution time limit of 1 minute.

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